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About Cynthia Hall

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  I am Cynthia, Spiritual Practitioner, Born again, Spirit-filled, servant of God, who inspires people.   Cynthia loves the Lord.  It was God’s living Word that saved her mind, healed her broken heart and taught her to rise up  above trials and tribulation in her life.  She believes it is God’s plan and reason to express and share God’s powerful healing and mighty words.

The summer of October 1969, was a transformational moment!    Ever since that spiritual day, her life as a 12 year old, changed for the  better.  It was like Jesus himself drew near.  Many days I felt favored,  spiritually loved and protected.

The King James Bible became my first and favorite book to read.    No one told me that I was loved, but I sure felt loved for a long time after that day.

What Did I Do?

I Opened my mind,   I prayed and listened.  I wanted to get to know more Jesus, and wanted to know and hear more from him.  Then I realized, it’s not what I need to do, it’s  all about what Jesus has already done.   I needed to touch the hem of his garment. Today I am well versed in Spiritual Inspiration, The Word of God and Healing Practices.  I Love to know more  and learn  about The grace of God.  The Kingdom of Heaven, and the deep secrets in the bible and all spiritual things in it’s infinite entirety.  My purpose is to help the fallen, heal those who are hurting and restore hope to those who are broken and encourage those who are thirsty.  “IT IS WRITTEN, “Man cannot live by bread alone, Man lives by every word of God.  Truth is to open your spiritual minds to wisdom and knowledge and with that understanding follows.

So, I PRAYED, SURRENDERED and LISTENED, to that still small voice within me.  “Perfect that which concerneth me Oh Lord.  Morning, noon and night, I sought the face of God.  and prayed to Him.  and waited for Him to answer.  The Holy Spirit responded, “He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction”  Psalm 107:20

I have grown in Faith and knowledge spiritually, while probing on matters of Grace, Mercy, Peace, Prosperity, Success, Love, Joy, Happiness, Health, Prosperity,  Forgiveness, Support and Supply.  Jesus said it best when he said,  “Seek ye first, the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these things, shall be added unto you,”  The Bible tells and demonstrates to us often of how deep abiding faith will raise you up from the ashes and soot,   support and supply all our needs.    His grace is sufficient!  Amen

My relationship and deep abiding faith in the great metaphysician, Jesus Christ,  is believing and unbreakable.  It is the word of God that inspires and continues to grab my attention and allows me to immensely, and creatively express my deep abiding faith to the world.  I never felt alone.  By looking within and using the power of the “Mind of Christ”,  the Holy Scriptures, Inspirational Guidance from God’s Holy Spirit, my born again, spirit filled Ministers and Gospel of Grace teaching Pastors, I am saved, blessed, and highly favored.  Because I realized that by Jesus finished work on the cross my life is Spiritually Blessed, Richer, Brighter, and Fuller.  I can happily say, “My cup runneth over”

Holy Spirit Leads And Guides

 The Holy Spirit often reminds me “There is but one mind one law, one principle, one substance in the universe, and I AM one with all there is”  As spiritual beings,  we  learn to do things in a spiritual way.  As you seek spiritual help and guidance in the biblical scriptures your  spiritual, mental, emotional ,and physical needs, are being addressed.  Because God’s word brings Life and healing.  Do you know that in the Bible, Jesus healed everyone who came to Him, whether they were sick, blind, or lame.

Whatever health challenge or needs you have today, lit your faith arise when you see the Lord’s heart to heal you and restore your health to fullness, as promised in His Word.

As Archangel Uriel says, It’s Not About How Fast: As Long As There Is Progress, Growth Is Inevitable.”   I say, Amen to that inspired word.  Although the LORD is not finished with me,  I believe the relationship gets stronger and life gets better and brighter every day in every way.   When it doesn’t, I believed better days are coming.  “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”  Psalm 30:5  Glory to God!  It is my privilege to show myself approved and elevate myself by staying focused, reading, meditating,, connecting. recognizing, honoring and thanking the creator, God as Spirit and life within me and in others.

Check out these Bible verses the Holy Spirit revealed often, Scripture Shifters,  and know that “Every word of God is pure”  Proverbs 30:5   “The Lord loves Us and Will Bless His People!”  Psalm 29:11.

Well there is  so much more to life that meets the eye and now is the time I share with you these Spiritual Things and the Divine Word of God.  Let all those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Amen Amen Amen


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