What Happened To My Posts?

Yesterday May 17, 2023, I went to look at my site as I often do.  Lord and behold my posts were not there. I searched and searched they could not be found.


Where’s the contents of my Posts!  All that pure, truthful information?  Pages and pages of unbounded, healing, life filling words of God.  Spiritually minded content.  where is it.  where did it go?  Can somebody help me.

I went back to the basic skills I learned from my create your website course with Christina Hills.

I went to wordfence to check to see if they were responsible,  I looked into research talks about BACK UPS.  THE LAST BACK UP WAS DONE ON May 11, 2023.  That’s  a relief.  I was in the site during that period od time.  Like I said, i spend time in and on my site refine it so that it be in top shape and full of God inspiring soul saving content.

You see what the enemy meant for evil, God is for good.  God is with me.  I believe God is with me on this.  Because God knows where my posts and all of the are at, all it takes God is one word.

So I go to my website creation word press site notes to see if I could find any thing on how to do recover your lost posts?  I am still looking.  BACK IN MOMENT.

website classroom content and typed in




WordPress Security 139 Vulnerabilities in This Week’s Wordfence Intelligence WordPress Vulnerability Report (May 8,, 2023 to May 14 8, 2023) is stating happened.  Last i checked, UPDRAFT Backed my site on May 11, 2023.  Having this information, will help me get closer to getting all of my posts back where they belong on my website.

I am Cynthia Hall, I am so Happy to Be Here doing what I love and dreamed of doing. It is my heart and soul desire to help heal the world, with words of inspiration. encouragement and enlightenment,

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